From Mothers

We were thrilled when our oldest daughter came home from Time to Blossom her first time. We thought that we might get just a couple hours of bliss when she came home, but we were pleasantly surprised when her nice and positive attitude carried over for many days and into weeks. Time to Blossom has taught my daughters how to be more positive even when the weight of the world has got them down. ~ JoAnn

Because of Time to Blossom, we were able to sit down and immediately check off eight experiences in my daughter’s Personal Progress book. Her self-esteem was strengthened as she told me how choices will affect her happiness, how Lois Jean Spencer counseled with them about being a friend and not gossiping, or how John Bytheway spoke about the gospel and teen years. All the classes were so fun and inspiring. She definitely came away from this experience stronger, happier, and closer to God. I truly believe it is one of the best experiences my girls will remember about their teen years! ~ Kimberly

My daughter was so excited to go to Time to Blossom. It was her first time and she will never forget it. She came home knowing she is beautiful, special, and she was filled with the Spirit over and over. She came home ready to accomplish her goals and make a positive difference in this world. Time to Blossom is a priceless experience that every young girl should have the opportunity to attend. The counselors are inspirational, fun, and outstanding role models. My daughter has had so much fun emailing her counselor who is now serving a mission. The talks, service project, and lessons learned are profound and will stay in her heart always. As a mom, I feel so grateful to the wonderful ladies who organize and run Time to Blossom and I love knowing that during her stay, my daughter is learning and growing in testimony, self-esteem, and pure happiness. Thank you! ~ Rachel

Thank you so much for what Time to Blossom has done for my daughter. Several people commented on how different she looked this year. She has changed and it was Time to Blossom that gave her that push. I had been desperately searching and Time to Blossom was truly an answer to my prayers. I don’t remember who said they wondered if Time to Blossom was worth it, but I say VERY MUCH YES YES YES! I know it saved one soul. My daughter has changed because of her experience. It saved me another year of intense heartache. Time to Blossom affected that one soul which in turn affected me. Had she continued in her downward spiral I probably would have lost it and in turn my three boys would have been affected. That one saved girl kept four others in a good place. I wanted to give Time to Blossom’s information to every mother who has ever had to struggle with a wayward daughter, to give her that chance of hope. To save one soul is so worth it and it is a ripple affect, affecting more than one soul. Time to Blossom is a wonderfully inspired, amazing program. ~ Karie

I feel so much gratitude right now for the amazing experience my daughter had at Time to Blossom. I attended some of the days and events as a volunteer. Each time I was there it looked like my daughter was having fun. I wanted her to have fun but I also prayed her testimony would grow and she would have a glimpse of her potential while she was at this special conference. I prayed that she would be placed with kind and inclusive girls. Little did I know that each one of my prayers were being answered and more was sinking in than I realized. The last day of the conference she told me how much she loved Time to Blossom and how she didn’t want to leave. She loved the girls in her group and didn’t want to leave them either. I told her I could understand the tears about her friends and that she was probably also feeling the Holy Ghost. Later that night we had a talk in my bedroom. She told me with a lot of conviction of who she would become in their future and that girl was so beautiful. You must have some activity where the girls were walked through this vision process. This really affected her. She said that she needed to pay more attention to important things and needed to have more faith in Jesus Christ. She admitted that sometimes she wondered if Jesus was real, and now she knows He is real. We talked about the Holy Ghost and how these powerful feelings she felt were the Holy Ghost telling her that all the things she learned and heard at Time to Blossom – about thoughts, about her value, and about her power to choose her life – were all true. I feel like every specific prayer I prayed was answered. ~ Maren

I realize you must get hundreds of “Wow Letters” and I am sure parents and girls are probably still sending emails and cards to tell you what a fantastic event Time to Blossom was. Please add me to that list. I am still so taken back by what an incredible production the event of Time to Blossom was in the life of my daughter. I was able to attend four different parts of the event and I just can’t thank you enough for giving your time and talents. My daughter still talks about the workshops, the incredible people she met, and the friends she made. She is a better person for spending that week with you. Thank you so much. I have four daughters that I can’t wait to send to Time to Blossom as they get old enough. ~ Kasey

My typical, but special, 12 year old daughter had recently started listening to more rap-style, popular music. In the car on the way home from Time to Blossom, she talked about Alex Boye’s talk and concert. She told me on her own that she was “never going to listen to (she named a couple of radio stations) again!” She even wrote it down as a goal the next morning what she WOULD listen to! Oh, I cannot tell you how happy I am! ~ Marie

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful program and thank you for taking such good care of my girls. Everyone was so kind and accommodating to me while I was there, and they took especially good care of my youngest. Everyone exceeded my expectations of kindness in so many ways. Their counselor was an answer to prayers. My girls all had such an amazing time and I am still hearing the stories. My youngest told me that she knows what the Spirit feels like because she felt it so strong there. I can only imagine how that will help her in her life and I am grateful to you and all of your leaders and staff who made this possible. We are all looking forward to next year! ~ Karen

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a marvelous program for young women. This is just what my daughter needed! The talks were right on about what she wanted and needed to hear. They were lively, spiritual, and educational! I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours of work, prayer, and inspiration you gave to make this such a special event, but I am so grateful to you! My daughter called home several times during the conference relating what she learned and experienced that day, describing the new friends she was making, and just saying, “I love you!” (which we don’t hear from our teenage daughter enough!). Her counselor was so instrumental in giving her much needed encouragement and confidence, and a role model in whom she could look up to. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you my daughter was glowing when I picked her up. I’ve never seen her so self-assured. A mere thank you doesn’t seem to hold enough gratitude that’s in my heart, but I hope you will accept my sincere thanks. We look forward to next year. ~ Sharla

I love that you encouraged and helped my daughter to be strong and righteous in this crazy world and gave her tools to do so. Thank you! ~ Deana

What a great experience these girls were able to have. We had five girls (cousins) that attended together this year. They all came from their own unique backgrounds and they all loved it so much. I enjoyed getting to pick them up each night and hearing all the excitement about what they had done that day. ~ Geni

This was my daughter’s first time attending and she loved it! She had an awesome counselor, in fact, tears were shed on the last day as her group had become really close. Every night she came home and went on and on sharing what she had learned, what the great speakers talked about, and how much fun it was. She loved the service project at Feed My Starving Children. Thank you for helping her strengthen her testimony and see herself as a beloved Daughter of God. ~ Anonymous

My daughter loved the conference! I’m always worried about how “involved” my girls will or won’t be with these types of activities. She came back with so much to share and a filled notebook from listening to all the speakers. She was definitely inspired and had a great week! Shout out to her amazing counselor! My daughter is a home body and left for this conference one day after our baby was born. I was worried how home sick she’d be and her counselor was wonderful in making sure she was having a fun time! Loved it all! ~ Anonymous

From Young Women

The lessons I learned have helped me nonstop. Before I came to Time to Blossom, I wasn’t saying my prayers or reading my scriptures at ALL (except family prayer and scriptures)! Time to Blossom has given me that helpful push to fix my mistakes and become a better person, now I LOVE reading the scriptures and saying my prayers. Sometimes, I will just sit on my family’s couch and read for hours! ~ Joy

Before Time to Blossom I really felt like I had no future. Now I realize I have more confidence and I can actually hold a conversation. I know I can go to high school and be just fine. I know I can do it! ~ Abby

I finished Time to Blossom and my testimony has grown greatly. I want to thank everyone who helped make this program. I made cool new friends and had a great counselor. Everyone understands you and it’s a blast. On a scale of 1-5, I rate it a 100! I loved Time to Blossom and I KNOW anyone would have an awesome time! ~ Jenessa

I absolutely loved Time to Blossom. It made me so much more confident for the coming school year to make new friends and improve my goals for the future. My favorite part, by far, were the talks by Vivian Cline. She was able to keep the Spirit at all times and still be so funny. I loved everything she shared and the love she expressed towards all of us young women. No matter how hard I have to work to come back next year, I know my Heavenly Father will help me to be there so I can receive more knowledge of our standards as daughters of God. ~ Lyndsey

Time to Blossom was very inspirational and at the end of each day I felt more and more comfortable in my own skin. Some people think church activities are boring, this wasn’t. I had so much fun and got close to the awesome girls who were there. The talks were very funny and inspirational, and there was never a boring moment. You will be proud of who you are and make so many new friends. When the time came to go home, I didn’t want to leave. I can’t wait for next year! ~ Katelyn

Time to Blossom was so amazing! I made many new friends and it helped me grow a lot. I will never forget how I felt there. Everyone was so happy and friendly that I can honestly say I felt love for everyone, even the girls I didn’t know. The speakers were some of the most amazing and influential people I have ever met. I walked out of the conference feeling sad to leave so many great girls, but also feeling so beautiful and full of confidence. I am so grateful I got to go and I will never forget the experience. ~ Aixa

Being a teenager can be hard and I was having a difficult time finding myself, but now there is no confusion in who I am or what I am to do. ~ Kayla

I had a very uplifting experience at Time to Blossom. I gained confidence and inspiration to be more Christ-like and follow church standards. Not only did I learn new things, but I tried new things and met new friends. My testimony has truly grown. I am more in-tune with the Spirit and I have been humbled. I have grown immensely as a daughter of God and I have grown significantly closer to my Savior. ~ Monica

I know with all my heart that my testimony has been strengthened! I felt the Spirit so strong. ~ Rachel

I learned so much at Time to Blossom. I learned to love my Savior more and how to draw closer to him. I learned that God loves each and every one of us and that we are each special in our own way. I learned to appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ more and to forgive myself for past mistakes. This will have such a great impact on my life. ~ Esbeydy

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go to Time to Blossom! I can’t wait for next year. I loved all of the talks and the comedy show. They were wonderful! ~ Delaynee


From Anonymous Young Women

  • I’ve learned so much about myself.
  • Time to Blossom has given me so much comfort.
  • I am so grateful for my life right now. I know it could be a lot worse.
  • Time to Blossom has strengthened me and my confidence.
  • My mom made me come. I will never forget this conference. I am going to try to help my family more and be a better sister.
  • Christ can be our best friend because he went through the same trials.
  • I’m so glad I came. All the speakers have strengthened my testimony.
  • I was in a spiritual slump. I’m so glad I came.
  • Everyone at school dresses so nastily, but everybody here is so modest. I love it!
  • Time to Blossom made me feel like I could make a million friends.
  • This year I fell into a bad group of friends and would change clothes when I got to school. This year I really want to change.
  • I don’t always remember what the Spirit feels like, but I have felt it so much here. I’m really glad I came.
  • It takes forever to make a best friend at school. Here, you make friends the first hour. I’m so glad I came.
  • Before Time to Blossom I really felt like I had no future. Now I realize I have more confidence and I can actually hold a conversation just fine. I know I can go to high school and be just fine. I know I can do it!
  • I thought Time to Blossom would just be fun. I didn’t know how spiritual it would be.
  • I have never felt the Spirit so strong in my whole entire life.
  • I’ve been in an environment that made me see what I can be in my future self.
  • We are all daughters of God and I hope we can all remember this.
  • The Holy Ghost has been closer to me this week.
  • I have never been more loved in my life. Everything they teach is so true.