Personal Progress

Young women can pass off many Personal Progress Experiences and Projects just by attending Time to Blossom Young Women Conference. Below is a list of goals the girls could have accomplished during this year’s conference.


Faith #3
Present a Family Home Evening lesson on any of the classes attended.

Good Works #6
Young women spent two hours serving at Feed My Starving Children. Each girl also had the chance to serve in their group by offering prayers, clearing lunch or dinner tables, and other general clean up.

Knowledge #2
Young women learned how to make dream catchers, how to line dance, and how to introduce themselves. The girls also participated in a song performance, learned new games, and learned general etiquette.

Divine Nature or Individual Worth (Elective)
Young women spent the week looking for character strengths of each girl in their group. They wrote those strengths on paper blossoms and shared them with each girl. In turn, they received blossoms with character strengths others saw in them.

Knowledge (Elective)
Share and record any of the specific subjects or classes you learned about at the conference.

Divine Nature/Individual Worth/Choice & Accountability (Elective) 
Share and record your experience with Tuesday’s Devotional (Young Women of God) and your “I Am” statement from the Character Walk.

Divine Nature/Individual Worth/Integrity (Elective)
Share or teach any of the Devotionals or social skills you learned (introductions, etiquette, team building, modesty, etc.).

Any Value (Elective)
Continue to add to your list of Life Goals.


A 10-hour project under any value could be accomplished just by attending the conference. Young women just need to share and record in their journal (or workbook) any of the speakers’ talks, workshops, or activities they participated in during the week.