Mission Statement

Time to Blossom empowers young women with inner strength, courage, and confidence to reach their potential and find lasting happiness.

Young women will know they are beautiful daughters of God, understand their self-worth, realize their divine mission, and discover their powerful potential to make a difference in the world.

This mission is fulfilled through the following concepts:

  • Strengthen: Young women are strengthened to live the gospel with courage and follow the Spirit as their testimonies bloom.
  • Awaken: Young women are awakened to their self-worth and divine mission as literal daughters of God.
  • Inspire: Young women are inspired to seek new possibilities, set goals, and discover their remarkable potential.
  • Teach: Young women are taught truths of the gospel which are instilled in them as they desire to apply their newfound knowledge in their family, social lives, schooling, and on missions.
  • Lead: Young women are led to realize happiness comes from making good choices, living the gospel, and becoming what our Heavenly Father desires.
  • Experience: Young women are given experiences to learn new principles that will enlighten their minds and allow them to feel the love of their Heavenly Father.