JUNE 11 - 15, 2018 in MESA, AZ


What is Time to Blossom Young Women Conference?

Since our first conference in 2010, we have had eight, week-long conferences that have served over 1000 young women total. During the conference, young women participate in interactive, integrative, and hands-on activities that stimulate their thinking to discover who they are, who they can become, what their goals can be, and how they can accomplish those goals. The program is tailored to accommodate a variety of topics that are spiritual, social, and educational, and also focus on inner beauty, outer beauty, and leadership, all taught by exceptional speakers who center their talks on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This unique program is based in Arizona, yet serves young women from all over the United States.

During the week, young women learn what the Spirit is, how to identify when it is present, and how to have it in their daily lives. They have opportunities to gain self-confidence as they recognize, develop, and acknowledge Christ-like characteristics in themselves and others. Young women learn they have a divine mission to fulfill, have unlimited potential, and can do great things in the world because they are exposed to exceptional role models. They learn how to be good leaders, speak and perform in front of audiences, set goals, think on a higher plane, work with others as a team, and overcome challenges. Young women also learn new skills to use throughout their lives, including how to be a good friend, be physically fit and healthy, have a positive body image, and how to act in dining and social situations.